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Posted by: Lacy TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   What is this bike?!
I bought this Hawthorne today because I just like the way it looks. I cannot figure out ANYTHING about it..I am most interested in the year but any information would be helpful.
The serial number is E373040. Also the model would be great...
I dont care much about the value as I dont think it has any value... If you need more pics just let me know.

Can you pleeeease help me? Thanks so much


Posted by Biggguy
Looks to me to be a late ~60s Rollfast....nice looking bike!
Posted by ken
Hawthorne was a Montgomery Ward~s house brand. They may not have given the model a name; if you can track down scans of a catalog from about 62, as one of us said recently, you~ll be the expert, and can let us know what you learn. Hard to see detail, but it gives me a hint of Murray. I~d like to see more pictures. Early 60s, anyway. Closeups of the chainwheel and the rear dropout would help determine the maker. Compare the chainwheel with one on a Flightliner. If it matches, search the archives here for Murray-built.
Is that a bolt-on dual headlight? Or is it part of the headset?
I agree it~s probably not valuable, but it has some interest, doesn~t it?

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