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Posted by: Holly TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   1966 Columbia Tourist III
I just bought a ladies 1966 Columbia Tourist III (determined this from the serial #) in pretty nice condition and wanted to learn more about it (are the parts original? what~s it worth?). It has a bit of surface rust, but the paint is in pretty good condition and it rides well. It has a Mesinger seat, no markings on the gear shift.

26"x1.375" tires
Original paint (mostly intact - some is worn off)
Seat condition - good on top, a bit rusty underneath.

More photos here:


Posted by Eddie
Your bike was made during the English 3 speed craze. The name Tourist is pretty much related to a well known English bike model that a lot of companies used. Depending on who your selling it to and where your selling it, you can get anything from about $100 to $200 for it.

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