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Posted by: Jill Grusak TITLE: MIDDLEWEIGHT:   Marfield
I came here to try to find info on a bike I just got for free on Craigslist this week that was advertised as ~rusty but awesome.~ How could I resist? Last year I looked for months for the perfect midweight and hit the jackpot with this bike. Well after spending the weekend cleaning the rust off of it I wanted to know the background. It~s black and has Marfield on the chain guard in white and also on the frame. It was rebuilt by Working Bikes Coop here in Chicago where the previous owner had purchased it. They had converted it to a single speed with coaster brake and replace the wheels too I think. The frame and handlebars are original as are the fenders. The chrome piece on the front one cleaned up awesome.
So I searched google on Sunday and didn~t get any good hits then today I found someone in Oregon that posted the same bike for sale in blue that actually knows the history! Here was the post:
"Looking for a best offer by Friday on a 1968 Raleigh Marfield.

All original bike owned by my grandmother and bought in Chicago at Marshall Field~s department store downtown where my grandfather worked. Sticker on the frame states "Made exclusively for Marshall Field. I have all original paperwork.

According to the hub the bike was manufactured in England 2/68. The rear hub is a LCW III Sturmey Archer. This bike will need to be restored. Needs new tires, tubes, 3-sp hub rebuilt/serviced, maybe new chain & cables. Bike is in fair condition.

This is a small bike, 24"X1 3/8" tires."
I didn~t want to infringe on any copywrite so I didn~t grab a pic but you can see it here for now:
The original post is here:

That~s my new bike but mine is a bit larger and says Clipper on the frame. I was a huge fan of Marshall Fields and so sad when they closed. Now I have a piece of history from there and can share the history with anyone else looking for info on Marfields.

I~ve posted the two pics the person who gave it to me took. It~s 75% cleaned up, just have to fix the chain guard and fender rust and touch up the paint and get a new chain and back tube. Once it~s done this weekend I~ll post the pics. I~m so excited!


Posted by Dan Cowan
I just bought this same bike and have had a real tough time finding out the history until your post. Thanks for the information. The one I got for $50 is in new condition, I think it sat in someone~s garage since 1965. I~ll go and check the hub now to see date as you said it would be there. Strange how nice condition it is - no signs of wear on it. Are you still riding the bike?

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