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Posted by: michael jaramillo TITLE: BALLOON:   GETTING HUBS TO WORK
i started buying fat tires bikes about two years ago. So with my wonderful wisdom i thought i would start to redo the hubs on a couple of my bikes... Bad idea, i am very distraught on getting them working again..both are skip tooth Dparture mod "D". IF there is anyone who can help
me with ideas. Please email me...Thanks
Posted by Michael Jaramillo
Thank you VERY VERY much for the info. I~ll check it out...I just love these bike ..I~ve spent more time on these bikes this summer then my road bike...
Posted by ken
There~s a cutaway drawing on this site.

nostalgic.net has a New Departure catalog repro with the model D parts list

the Park Tool site has all the general procedures for coaster overhaul
Don~t give up; take your time. It~s doable.


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