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Posted by: Jarrod TITLE: BALLOON:   Can Anyone Identify This Aging Beauty?
Hi All, I~m new to this site but was hoping I could enlist your collective expertise. My father passed away several years ago and I found his old childhood bike in a barn at a family farm. I~ve scoured the internet trying to identify it and attempt to restore it but can~t find anything on it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated to help flesh out some more history behind the treasured family heirloom. Thanks in advance!!

Here are a few more pics:


Posted by ken
Hiawatha was the Gamble~s Hardware brand name. In the late thirties Hiawatha bikes were apparently made by the Shelby Bicycle Company; you might try searching that name. The NBHAA website says that the company had facilities in Shelby, Ohio and in Los Angeles. Of course, Gamble~s may have been supplied by other manufacturers as well.
Posted by jarrod
Well, after further digging and only 1! sighting ANYWHERE online of this bike, I figured out it~s Hiawatha Seminole from somewhere in the 50~s but that~s as close as I can get. Does anyone know anything about this history of Hiawatha? Where they were sold, manufactured, etc? I can~t believe how little information exists about these bikes. Thanks in advance for any direction you guys might be able to provide.

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