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Posted by: Travis Dick TITLE: BALLOON:   Bike Identity??
I am trying to find out the make and model of a bike I have had for a while. It is a skip link chain. Thanks in advance.



Posted by patrick
Hi, It~s a Colson. The rear half of the frame is tell tale. Leon Dixon may know a few things but he needs pics. as most of us do and he~s simply not a friendly guy.You~ll find better and friendlier info. from other sites,this one included.

Posted by heywould
It looks to me like a colson product, perhaps evans colson. I say this because of the fenders. It does not look like a dog leg crank though.

I am no expert I just got a new old bike and Im trying to identify it. Does your bike have no head badge?

There is a guy, Leon Dixon who is the HMFIC of the NBHAA who is quite the authority on these things, his website has a link to his email which I cannot acces thanks to windows 7 OS and not having an email program.

If you would email him and tell me his email address I would greatly appreciate it, I cannot email you either the link thing on this new computer, but I can respond to emails sent to me, thanks heywould.

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