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Posted by: Lindsay TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   Torpedo Werke
I recently purchased a vintage bike off craigslist and I can~t find a single other bike like it on the net. It is a Torpedo Werke AG made in Frankfurt Germany around 1956... I think. The back fender has holes on either side that have been strung to make a skirt. The front fender has an ornament on it (a wheel with wings that says torpedo.) The serial number is 1071698. It has a Raleigh crank and a Sturmey archer 3 speed internal gear shift which I assume where replacement parts. If anyone knows anything about these bicycles or their value I would really appreciate the help.

Posted by Steve
Torpedo Werke Farrhad [ bicycle ] Google can translate

Posted by Malinowski
Here are aome photos that will work.




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