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Posted by: Dave TITLE: BALLOON:   Info on Sick old bike (Kosyuya)
I just bought a rusty old Japanese bike to restore. I can~t find any information anywhere! I think it~s pretty special, with band brake, tons of cloisonne badges, etc.

I loaded some images to:

Here~s the rundown:
Kosyuya Works (Trademark) on head tube
KoSHUYASYoTENLTD on head tube
KRN stamped various places on frame
K (stylized inside a circle) stamped on frame and fenders

24" diameter, 1.65" wide, .85" inside bead (chrome)
Stamped "AKY" or "ARY" stylized inside a circle

Lever activated off handlebars, no cables, solid linkage via bellcranks, etc.
Front: Brake pads lift upwards, act upon inside of rim. Mechanism stamped "Special" (chrome)
Rear: Friction (band) brake inside hub. Marked "High Clars, BAND BRAKE, Special Chrome" (chrome) - maybe High Class?
Also marked with Kosyuya Works emblem and "Trademark"

"Matsushiya Hyper Dyno Lamp”. No room for batteries, appears to be run off generator.
Glass is 3 1/2" diameter (missing). Reflector inside, place for a bulb.
Broken bracket on rear frame member appears to have carried a generator at one time.
Misc grounding clamps on bike with wires sticking out support this theory.

Spring-suspended, frame only. Cantilevered support bar. Stamped "Made in Italy" underneath
Front portion oddly hinged. Will need to have leather cover custom-made.

3-piece. Arms (L/R) clamp onto either side of crank (chrome).

Roughly 3 1/2" wide by 3" long in total. Standard footpeg with (2) square rubber pieces.

Swept back, chrome. Metal caps on each end (screw in center). Small riveted pieces loose, probably held grips.

Front fender:
"K" badge (brass) prominent on top of front fender.
"K" (stylized inside circle) on top of front forks
(2) Japanese badges on back of front fender (no English)

Rear fender:
(1) Kosyuya Works emblem on top of rear fender
Reflector: Housing marked "LUCKY". Glass lens (broken) marked "Kimura Lens 17" and "KG" over elongated "W"
Glass is 2 1/2" diameter, with 2" visible (remainder under housing flange)

Posted by Dave
Thanks Sam. I found the site, but what I need is a "contact" in Asia. I~m sure there are folks in Japan just as passionate about old bikes as we are. Any suggestions?
Posted by sam
Somewhere on the web is a Japan Bicycle History site.They may be of help.These are very well made rod brake bikes--they tend to be a little on the small side (24").I think the rear brake has a replaceable leather band.---sam

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