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Posted by: Dave TITLE: BALLOON:   24" rims - Will tires fit?
My old baloon tire bike has 24" rims. The configuration is something between British "E" and "F" - 1.65" wide with .85" between beads (as found on this site). It has rod brakes (also found on this site) in front, so I was going to cleanup and reuse the original rims. However, before I spend a lot on rechroming and new spokes, I need to learn about tires.

I see 24" tires for sale on the Internet. If I mount a new 24" tire / tube combo on my rims, will it inflate and fill out correctly, or will it stick straight up off the .85" inside bead? I think the original tires (long gone) were the "glue on" type. What rims do people use with rod brakes? What tires do they use with those rims?

Thanks - all responses/opinions appreciated.



Posted by sam
Your Japan bike may take an odd tire,not for sure on this one?Wheelchair tires may fit?
Check with Sheldon Brown at:
Also you might check with TOM under the English Roadster group look down the list of posts,he has tires and rims 4-sale at present.---sam

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