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Posted by: Jeremy TITLE: BALLOON:   Schwinn Wasp
OK! So about three months ago, I was at my local bar with all my buddies hangin out watching some TV drinkin a few beers. Some of the regulars I know from the bar (kind of like aquaintences, not the BEST of friends, but not the WORST either) were practically BEGGIN me to go hang out at their apartment complex and kick it in the hottub. So I shrug my shoulders and say "why not!!" Long story short...it was a blessing in disguise. As i was leaving the complex, I got lost and had to take a long detour to get out of the complex, I live in Denver, CO, and the road I finally found to start the long trek home, was an empty one, no houses or anything around really, just a big giant concrete wall. So I;m walking and out of the corner of my eye, I see this BIG GIANT BEHEMOTH OF A BIKE sitting in this ditch, just laying there at like Three in the morning, I looked around, no one to see in either direction for miles...so I figured it was just some old piece of junk that somebody ditched, one of the tires was really low, but I figuerd I~d save myself a walk, so I jumped on it and rode it home!!! Needless to say it was in pretty great condition actually, some dents and dings, but all in all a pretty great bike. I didnt realize it was from the 60~s until I saw these discussion boards, I rode this bike everyday to and from work for three months, then the bearings or the brake cones or someting just broke suddenly, I~m not sure if its bad karma, because I found the bike, or just AGE!!! I~m not trying to sell it, because I think this bike ROCKS!! I saw one guy sellin one for $800 and another guy sellin one for $350./....I sort of dont want to restore it, but I find myself having this itch to try and locate more bikes such as this, but I want to keep it the way it is, every dent is like part of the story to me!! so anyway thats my story...anyone know a true value on these bikes???
Posted by Ken
Is anybody feeling sorry for the person this bike was stolen from? Legitimate owners don~t ditch their Schwinns in the middle of the night, dude.
Posted by Kurt K.
Also identify what kind of a coasterbrake it is, as the shop may offer to spoke in a new coaster hub instead. The new Chinese coasters have cheap chrome that don~t belong on these beauties. Chances are the coaster is a Bendix model.

Send some pics to the fellows on the Schwinn forum (go to www.schwinnbike.com > "Heritage" > Restoration Forum), or here at Oldroads, and someone will probably be able to link you up with some new/good used original coasterbrake parts for your local shop to install.

Take care!

Posted by John Metz
Don~t know a value for your bike but your parts breakage is not bad karma. Its likely age and lack of maintenance.
I recommend taking it to a bike shop for a check up,lube etc or if you can do the work yourself. One item you should
check is the chain. I had a chain break resulting in a crash because I put off replacement. I only got road rash
out of it but you may not be as lucky.

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