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Posted by: Roger Schroeder TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   Tandem Identification
As you can see by the photos on the listed web page (http://www.rohair.com/tandem.html), I have an old tandem bicycle I~m refinishing, and am hoping you can help me properly identify it.

From other photos I~ve seen while researching, it looks like a Columbia Twosome from the late 50~s or early 60~s, however, the serial number (#E508482 located on the left rear dropout) does not appear to match anything the Columbia chart.

I~m not familiar with other tandem manufacturers from this time period, and could really use some direction here.

This bike - when we purchased it from a garage sale - appeared to have all the original components. It is a single speed with a Bendix coaster brake, steel rims, and had two messenger style black seats that did not have any manufacturer label.

Original paint was medium blue, and the previous owner hand-painted over that with PINK! Upon removing the layers of paint I could not find any decals or headbadge that would give any indication as to what style bike this is. Based on Sheldon Brown~s info, it is a fillet-brazed bike as gold colored brass is apparent at the joints.

Hope you can give me a good (or exact) idea what bike this is. Thanks for your consideration. Any diection would be very much appreciated!

Roger Schroeder


Posted by sam
It~s not a schwinn.Can you post pics of the sprockets?--sam

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