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Posted by: Norm TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn B6
What does "Schwinn B6" mean? Any other Bs to know? Also S7 is a Schwinn rim that only S7 tires will fit. Correct? What about an S2? Do only Schwinn tires fit these? Is an S7 a middleweight rim? S2?

What other numbers do I need to know when shopping for a Schwinn?

Posted by Dirk
I~m looking for a CLEAN Black Schwinn B6 that is all orginal.
Thanks for looking, Dirk
Posted by scott
s-2 is standard size: 26/2.125,
thanx. Scott
Posted by Ken
~B6~ is often used as shorthand for model B607, also Autocycle, which was the forerunner of the Phantom. Same frame and tank with horn in it, but painted fenders rather than chrome. But a 1952 catalog lists it just as model B6.
I don~t have the info, but I think it started around 1939 or 40 and stopped about 1952. Here~s a reference from Tom Findley~s excellent resource
and the last one
The Phantom is in the ~53 catalog.
Also, it~s not that only Schwinn tires will fit, but that there is a specific size you need. In addition to the chart on this site, get complete tire sizing info from sheldonbrown.com.
Meanwhile, it~s high time somebody put together a list of what sizes the various Schwinn rim numbers applied to and what years they were made. In my fog of ignorance, I believe they are models, not sizes. For example, a 26x1 3/8 tire on a Schwinn Racer or Breeze is likely to read "to fit Schwinn s-6 or s-7 rim"
Posted by jj
B6 was an early model designation.
Yes, only S7 tires will fit a Schwinn S7 rim. A standard middleweight rim would be called "20 x 1.75" or "26 x 1.75", but Schwinn called theirs "20 x 1 3/4" or "26 x 1 3/4". Schwinn built their rims so you would have to buy _their_ tires, not generic tires.

This site has a good tire and rim chart in their ~General Resources~ section.

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