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Posted by: jason TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   coaster brake hubs
just got a bunch of old bike stuff, still sorting it out and have a couple of things that caught my eye

A Torpedo Schweinfurt W X Sachs (on brake arm)
sachs torpedo Automatic (on hub)

Bendix overdrive 2 speed automatic USA (really good shape)

a bunch of New departure model D hubs, marked made in USA

I am having some ideas for some of these but would like to know what they are and if any should be put in a better place than what I have in mind. jason
Posted by Charles
Looking to buy a good condition Bendix 2 speed automatic hub.

Thank you, 310-540-0140

Posted by Mark
2 speeds seel for around $60-75 on Ebay. Model Ds are a lot more common. I would be interested in a model D hub if you have one with decent chrome.


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