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Posted by: Ryan Clement TITLE: MIDDLEWEIGHT:   3 speed 63~ corvette mechanics
I have completely restored a 1963 3 speed Schwinn corvette. I made the mistake of trying to disassemble and clean the 3 speed mechanism contained within the back rim. I thought I reassembled it together correctly but now that inner component itself is moving indepently from the rim and wheel. The pedals turn the chain, the chain moves the 3 speed component (which is connected to the rear sprocket), but the rear sprocket wont move the back tire. The pedal brake works when pushed back. I was told by the original owner that in order to change gears, you thrust the peddles backward to kick it in and out of gear but I would tend to think that that would contradict the peddle brake idea. There are no hand brakes on the bike at all. Anyway, if anyone knows how to assemble that componenet or has any idea of how the 63~ corvette operates, please email me. Thanks!
Posted by nate
It sounds like it has a Sturmey-Archer S3C hub.
There are exploded diagrams of that hub on this site.
But maybe it is simply not adjusted properly.

First note: to change gears you don~t really have to backpedal. Just don~t be pedalling forward when you shift.
Here is how to adjust it:

Note: That little chain-thing near the hub is called an ~indicator chain~

1) Put the thumb shifter in 3rd gear
2) back off the lock nut on the indicator chain
3) unscrew the indicator chain until there is a lot of slack in the gear cable
4) now tighten the indicator chain just enough to remove the slack.
5) tighen the lock nut.

If the hub is working properly, this should solve your problem

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