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Posted by: Ed. Torbeck TITLE: MIDDLEWEIGHT:   updating 60s bike

I have a nice, probley 60s era, single speed cruiser bike that I would like to update as a winter project. I think it was made by the Cleveland Welding Company, but has no badges and has been repainted in the past.

I am wanting to put a three speed hub with coaster brake and a springer front fork on it.
Is this a feasable project?
I would like to hear from any one who is knowledgable and perhaps have done the conversion.

thanks for your reply,

Posted by Ken
Very feasible and fun. I have a hot rod Flightliner with 3-speed coaster. I used a Shimano 333 hub mostly because I had one, but also they are said to be less prone to missed shifts and slippage than the Sturmey-Archer. I also used a twist grip shifter.
As Gordon hints, you may have to build up a wheel; I don~t recall any ballooner or middlewight 3-speed that had a coaster, but who knows? Wheel building is the second most satisfying activity there is.
I found that the ratios available were a little high for my advanced age, so I installed a smaller chainwheel, which does the trick and gives it a custom look.
Note to Gordon- I hope you~re stashing those hubs. They are getting fewer and farther between.

Posted by Gordon
Shouldn~t be a problem. If you get a springer, make sure you get one with the correct length steering tube. You will need to find a 3 speed coaster brake hub with the correct number of spoke holes (most likely 36). I occassionally find these hubs on bikes at the local thrift shop.

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