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Posted by: junk TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   
who is going to the lame ass copake auciton.
Posted by Chris
Copake?? Did I read this as somebody saying Copake is lame ass?

Are you totally on drugs or something?

Copake is one of the most best and prestigeous auctions for vintage bicycles on the planet.

I can~t think of anything bad to ever say about the Copake auction. It~s a blessing to be able to attend these. looked forward to and love by collector bike folks everywhere more than you~d guess. Tell us your beef with Copake. This, I have to hear.
Posted by ken
Not sure what your problem is. Here~s the auctioneer~s side of the story:
"...a c.1891 Gormully & Jeffrey two track tandem adult tricycle and a rare c.1897 Carroll chainless. Both machines came fresh from estates in New England and been in the owner’s families for many years. We will also be offering 10 highwheels, 5 hard tire safety’s, some cool pneumatics (including a Wolf American and Indian!), some early tricycles and more. We also have some wonderful memorabilia (especially for “Wheelman” collectors!).

Vintage collectors will be pleased with the offering as well. We have a 1937 Roadmaster Supreme, 1952 Schwinn Phantom, 1937 Dayton Super Streamline, 1933 Colson Hi-Lo, a few Dayton twin flex models, 1938 Elgin Bluebird and lots more! We have plenty of accessories, parts, posters and prints, original art and collectables all relating to the bicycle! "
I~d certainly stop by if I were in the neighborhood.

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