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Posted by: Doug TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   1958 JC Wiggins Female 3-speed
I found a very nice original 1958 JC Wiggins, female, 3 speed, 24x1.75 tires and magenta in color. I would like to make a fair offer to the original owner but I have no clue what a fair offer would be. If anyone would give me their opinions or help, I would appreciate it.
Posted by Ed. Torbeck
Are you sure it doesn~t say JC Higgins? which would make it a Sears bike.

It depends on whether you are buying it to ride or to sell at a profit. If you just want a nice rider, $50.00 to $75.00 would reasonable in my opinion. You will probably have to replace tires and possibly tubes.
If you obtain the bike, you really should disassemble it and check the bearings in the head section and the crank assembly. The bearings in the head section are probably dry and rusted. If you have to pay someone to do the work, factor that into your offer.

Hope this helps.



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