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Posted by: Bruce Noble TITLE: BALLOON:   Help with tires
Hi all, after much searching I find I now have to turn to you folks as the experts for hopefully some assistance with my dilemma!

Walking thru a swap meet last year, I spotted an old CCM bike I fell in love with. All it needed was a bit of TLC, which it has now had and will hopefully soon be on the road. I just need some tires… I did not suspect this would be such a big issue. I had ordered two sets of tires from my local bike shop before I realized there are definitely different rim sizes out there….. Can any of you good folks get me pointed in the right direction for a set of balloon whitewall tires for my new pride and joy?

Here are the details; the original (worn out tires) have stamped on the side of them the following: 26 x 1 ¾ x 2 – 650 x 50C (oversize 26 x 2 fits 26 x 1 ¾ rim F 12) Made in Holland, Parragon with a V in a circle.

I also measured the rim and the inside measurement at the shoulder of the rim is 1.015 and the overall outside measurement is 1.50, with the closest profile I can find to that is a Schwin S7 I think. Also the overall outside diameter of the rim is 23 inches.

Well any advice and help on what and where to find tires would be really appreciated... and where the heck is that letter that notes the year hiding? I can~t find it!

Many thanks, Bruce

Posted by ken


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