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Posted by: Matt TITLE: BALLOON:   ROSS ID serial number???

I picked up an ooollldd rusty Ross for my Fiancee last year. I wanted to restore it last winter to give her for her birthday last July...well, it was a bit overwhelming, so it sat (as it~s in rough shape)
S/N is 6150538
I~m not exactly sure when it dates from, I~d assume sometime in the 1960~s.

Another question is this. The rims are VERY VERY rough...very rusty. Is it possible to find a set of period correct chrome wheels? I am not doing a 100% correct resto on it, as I~d like lots of chrome. Chrome fenders might be neat, not sure though. it~s got a gas tank, and rack out back. It~s all in good condition (save for the wheels) and I was able to get all of the paint off, and it the frame looks pretty good. The luggage rack, and chain guard will need a bit of filler to straighten it out, which is no big deal. Like I said, wheels, and fenders are realll rusty. I can probably salvage the fenders, but the wheels probably not. I~d like to get it done and give it to her this July for her Birthday.

Lastly, Does anyone have, or make repro period correct Ross headbadges? If worse comes to worse, I~ll drill out the rivets, and fill the holes.

I~m actually having a blast stripping it down, and am not so discouraged now that I~ve stripped the luggage rack, frame and chainguard...

I~d appreciate any help!!!!

Posted by Jay
I might have something that~ll work. I just bought the remnants of an old bike shop and there are a handful of Ross~s in there. If you haven~t found one yet let me know.

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