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Posted by: Jason TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   2 speed kick back hub shift issues?
HI, I have a two speed kick back hub on my ~66 Schwinn Panther. I am not sure that it shifts properly. when riding the bicycle, i do the kickback action and it does not feel a whole lot different when i begin pedalling again. is it a significant difference in the two speeds or are they very close in feel?

how do i verify that the hib is working properly? I have fully disassembled it, cleaned and lubed it, and rebuilt it. Did i do something wrong eventhough I was super anal about assembly and ensuring it was done properly?

Does anyone have a schematic of the two speed kickback hub that I can borrow?

I bought the wheel set off of craigslslist and they were in great shape when i got them. All I did was disassemble and clean it. I am confused by it. maybe the thing was busted when i received it?

thanks for your help, J
Posted by jason
thansk for the tip, i wil check them out. -j
Posted by Gordon
If the hub was shifting, you would know it, it is a very noticeable difference in gearing. I suggest you go to bunchobikes.com and look at the section on 2 speed hubs. The most common problem is the indexing spring is worn or broken.

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