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Posted by: Dan TITLE: BALLOON:   Starting a restoration project on Schwinn/BF Goodrich
For any replies, please email me offline. So...for my wife~s birthday, I got the bright idea to restore the bike she rode as a kid. I found the bike on the property we inherited from the folks and pulled it out from under the collapsed corn crib where it had been "stored". Here is the tricky part, it needs a chain guard and a saddle. The whole bike was painted over by some previous owner I believe. From the pictures I can find on the internet, it appears to be a 1952-1958 Schwinn Hornet, Starlet or Panther. It has air vents at the front of the tank. There is another catch. The badge is definately B.F. Goodrich. I just pulled it out yesterday and didn~t look for the serial number, duh.

What I need help with is locating or fabricating a chain guard and also a saddle. The steel part of the saddle is rusty and the padding and cover is mostly there. I will find the serial number, but I need to find a picture of a similar chain guard to start with. I don~t intend to restore it to museum quality as the wife wants to remember it the way it was when she used it.

Does anyone have any experience with fabricating chain guards?

As an aside, what is the deal with BFG and Schwinn?

Posted by ken
your bike is what~s called "Schwinn-built". Lots of threads in the archives here on the topic. BF Goodrich was one of many retailers who put their own badges on Schwinn bikes. Typically the value is the same unless the badge is particularly interesting, like Lincoln or Cadillac...
The serial number will probably be on the left rear dropout.

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