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Posted by: Mike Schneider TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   Motor on a 3 Wheeler
I am interested in putting a TAS Spitz on a Trike (3 Wheel Bicycle). Haven~t doen it - Have got some photos from folks that have.

A guy in Austin, Texas has some Workover 3 Wheel Bikes for sale. (The bikes came from a GM assembly plant where they used them in the plant. The Workman Bike looks heavy duty compared to others I have seen.

Looking for your experience before I buy one and try it.

BITW (Brothers In The Wind)

Posted by Rif
I had my Bike-Bug mounted on my 24" Scwhinn Tri-Wheeler for a while. It was cool for running erands to the store! People really dug it when I~d load up a couple of grocery sacks and buzz away!
My first ride on it with the motor was slightly less than triumphant However.
I got peddaling up to speed and grabbed the shifter. After a few seconds the motor sputtered to life and took over! I was rolling up the street like nobody~s business. I went to turn, forgetting about the turning situation on a trike, and promptly ended up on my head.
Pretty funny. The only thing hurt was my pride.
Posted by Larry Wlos
Mike ,I have a trike with a Free Spirit engine on it, same engine as Tas Spitz. Make sure you use a wheel with a front brake because of the weight of the trike. My trike is a Worksman, heavy duty. It runs well but I am removing it and mounting a 5HP Honda on the back.

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