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Posted by: Nancy S. TITLE: REPRODUCTIONS:   Huffy Ocala?
Hi All -- I just picked up a cute lady~s bike (I think 26") at a yard sale. It~s got a "Made in China" sticker on it so I~m thinking it~s a reproduction, but can anyone tell me for sure if it is?

I looked on Google to see if I could get any hits with no luck, using "Huffy Ocala."

It~s pretty rusted everywhere but the frame, but I live by the ocean so that~s no real clue.

It~s black, tan and red and has "Ocala" written in script on the chain cover thingie (yeah, I~m really up on all this bike stuff, aren~t I?)

Thanks for any info. I want to know if it~s worth replacing all the gears, brakes tire tubes, etc. Or if I should just sell it at my next garage sale?
Posted by Josh
i saw this bike at target about two years ago. I did not have the money to buy the mens version at the time. And wouldn~t ya know they sold the thing just before i saved enough money. If anyone has a mens version in cream. i would like to buy it. I live in eau claire wi and would be willing to drive up to three hours to buy a brand new one. S if theres a cream/black one at your local target let me know. thanks
Posted by Bob
If you didn~t find one at Target yet - keep looking. Target has a lot of them in their Ohio stores - although the current price is $ 99.99
Posted by Drew
I saw the 26" Womens Huffy Ocala (baby blue) in the same Target ad. My girlfriend is really wanting that style/color bike. Neither Target.com or the actual store carry the bike. Any info on purchasing this model would be appreciated.
Posted by Jack
In the Houston Chronicle ads of Sunday, 6/22/03, Target advertised 26" women~s or men~s Ocala bike for $79. The ad said also at Target.com, but I couldn~t find any Ocala bike listed. I wanted more info because the ad~s picture showed fenders, which are hard to find on new bike~s these days.

I could find nothing on Google about Ocala bikes except this Oldroads discussion group.
Posted by JimW.
I doubt that Huffy has made anything in the last 50 years that anyone would want to do a reproduction of. It~s probably just a Huffy lady~s bike which happens to have been made in China. If you like the way it looks and rides, then fix it up for your own use. If not sell it at the garage sale. Huffys have almost no collector base, and it wouldn~t bring much more with new tires, etc, than it would without.

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