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Posted by: Mike Schneider TITLE: MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Bike Bug, TAS Spitz, Sears Free Spirit Engines

Just received a crate of parts for these engines. A Sears Repairman~s inventory from the 1980s. I am inventoring and sorting the different items. I know already there are allot of parts that Tanaka does not have any more.

Hopefully these will help get some other of these engines up & running again.

Would appreciate you passing this along if you know someone who is looking for something to help get "The Wind in Their Face".


Mike Schneider
1307 Country Place Circle
Houston, Texas 77079


281 531 6552
281 703 5355
Posted by Larry Wlos
Mike did you find any two hole mount plates in your parts?
Posted by Mike Schneider

You have a little jewel. Great fun and lasts like cast iron.

These things are going on 30 years old and more of them are banging around the country than any other motr.

I sent you three emails with information.

Let me know how I can help.


Posted by Mike Vort
Mike Schneider,
I have a Sears engine that goes on the forks. The model number is 298 48851. I was wandering if you could tell me anything about it,or maybe have any parts.
Posted by Bert
I have a friend who has come into possession of a Schwinn three wheeled bike with a Sears freespirit gas engine. According to the s/n on the frame (K43XXX)it was made in 1953, there is another s/n on the forks (EGO58XXX).Do you have any information on this, perhaps some literature on the freespirit engine that could be photocopied,etc. any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance...Bert
Posted by Mike Schneider

I belive there are some in this group of parts I am sorting and cataloging. I will check and get back with you.

Trying to do it right this time. I have bought a shed just for bike engine parts. Should have it completed and organized this week.


Posted by Larry Wlos
Mike I am looking for the mount plate for the fork, I was able to get the large one from Tanaka, SEARS , but I need the 2 hole mount plate. Got any new or used?

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