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Posted by: Sharon Mulford TITLE: FOR SALE:   "BIKE BUG" BICYCLE MOTOR
I have 2 bicycle motors with "BIKE BUG" written on them. I am thinking of putting them on ebay or maybe to anyone that may be interested in them. I would also like to know something about them. THanks
Posted by Rif Addams
That doesn~t surprise me, yet it sounds abit high at the same time. Using that as high end, and my purchase of one new in box a few years ago I would then have to guess an average of around $200.00. There are parts that will need replacing, even if it has never been used as the rubber of that era will have begun to break down. Especially the drive roller, and probably the carb priming pump.
Please visit this web site for info about these engines and contacts for replacement parts.
Mike Schneider is the man who is a guru of thes motorizing kits. His e-mail is linked from the page above.
Posted by Casey
Hi, Sharon. Recently, as in within this past month, a NIB (New In Box) Bike Bug ended up selling for $365.00 on eBay. You might just have a couple of jewels.

There~s a bit of information to be found about Bike Bugs on the internet. I currently have three of them, one of which is running well and attached to my 1972 Schwinn Suburban. The other two aren~t running, yet, but will be soon. Bike Bug #2 will go on my Schwinn Twinn Delux, and #3 will go in my Schwinn Town & Country 3-Wheeler (hmmmm, a bike motor on a 3-wheeler...I~d better take those corners really slow...you know, three wheelers can turn over really easily...just ask Honda for examples of how).

Anyway, if you~re not using those old Bike Bugs, perhaps the right thing to do is to put them up for bid for somebody who wants to find one for themself?

Keep on buggin~!

Posted by Rif
Try this article at:
I would be interested, but i~ve been outta work since may...
I can~t help but love these little motor kits; they are like a timex- take a licking and keep on ticking!

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