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Posted by: Bob TITLE: MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Silk Porta Cycle
Just acquired a Silk Porta Cycle. It appears to be ~60s vintage. Never seen or heard of this critter and can find no source info. It~s complete and just needs TLC. Need info to give her the right TLC! Help!
Posted by Ralph Reversi
Go to 1pau.com and sign up then I~ll help you get a bike motor, too
Posted by Lee Mc Mahon
Am very interested in a gasoline motor for bicycles. Please advise of weight, fuel capacity, power, etc. Thanks.
Posted by Bob Hall
Hi Wayne,

It folds down into the size of a small suitcase, but bigger than a briefcase, and, unfortunatly, it~d still be too big for overhead luggage. I~ve been into bikes for about 50 years and I~ve never run across one of these so I~m not certain this is the kind of thing you~d want to actually use. Look at currently produced fold-up bikes and consider adding a "Chicken-Power" type motor to one. The bikes are available in a variety of places and the motors come up on ebay fairly often at around $100.

Good Luck,

Bob Hall
Posted by wayne lindstrom
i am looking for a bike that i can carry on a airline... is this the one for me???? how small does it become? thanks wayne
Posted by Global Trading Company
We are the manufacturer~s representatives for a small but powerful and exciting gasoline motor that anyone can attach to their bicycle. It retails for appr $200 plus shipping from Los Angeles and single orders or large quanities can be purchased. Please give us a reply if you have an interest. Thank you.

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