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Posted by: Rif Addams TITLE: MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   No Fun
Well My (GT II/ SpitFire) moto still won~t start.
I~ve had it. I wasted $400.00 on a doorstop.
Let me see- $400.00 for 3 hours of fun; I could have gone to the race track and done that.
I will never purchase one of these El Cheapo pieces of $#!% again. EVER!
I will not recomend them to anyone either. I work hard for my money and have very little to spare, so this has really left me with a bad taste. I feel like I have completely shot myself in the foot in purchasing this engine kit.
Well I guess I~ve got a cool looking bike to display in my collection.
On an up note, my Woodstock cast iron Whizzer cylinder has been ordered, So I should be on the road by NEXT summer...
Posted by ziggy
Can you change the jets in the carb? You mentioned the engine running to lean. Also check the muffler. If it is clogged with exhaust junk then you can clean it out and the motor might run. This is why my weedwacker wouldn~t start. >: )
Posted by Rif
Recently spoke with the Left Coast guy about this. Probably too wet, the petcock with these kkits likes to dribble and so it~s flooding. I knew it was running a bit rich as well so we~re well on our way to alieviating these problems and should have a good runner soon.
When I was rolling on it, it sure had some snap to it. If i can get it going at optimum peak performance it should be quite a lot of fun...
Posted by Bob Hall

I~m sure you checked oil/gas flow and spark as well as a hundred other things. Does the motor turn freely with the plug out? I~m being really curious as I bought one of these and it~s sitting here on the floor waiting for some time and energy. Have you tried a shot of starter fluid? does the carb appear to be getting fuel and is the throttle opening okay? After you try to start it, pull the plug and see if it~s wet. I know, I~m just telling you all the things you~ve already tried, but if there~s fuel, and if there~s fire, you gotta~ get something! Let me know what does it, so I won~t have to do the first 100 things!

Good Luck,


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