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Posted by: Howard TITLE: MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Motorizing a bike
I~m trying to put a motor on a bike. I have too choices. One is a two-cycle McCulloch engine of about 90 cc~s. That~s about all I know about it, but my son started it once and said it was a "screamer." The other is a Maytag model 72, vintage 1947, 5/8 hp, two cylinder washing machine motor. This one is best described as a "smoker." The main problem is getting the power to the wheel. I~ve seen belts, rollers, and chains. The roller looks simple. Where do you buy stuff like that?

I~m only looking for about 15 mph.

Also what kind of bike works best?
Posted by JimW.
The Maytag is also a collector~s item, in addition to being heavy and bulky. I agree with Brian on using a dedicated bike engine.

I had one of those Maytags when I was a kid, and really loved it; but I was never able to successfully use it on a bike. Sure wish I still had it though. My mom gave it away when they tore the barn down, along with the rest of my engine collection.

There are societies devoted to engines like that. People spiff them up, mount them on really nice bases, and take them to meets to show them off. People stand around and watch them run. Not the same thrill as riding motorbikes, but to each his own.
Posted by Brian
The Maytag does not have a throttle or means to vary the speed so it is designed to run at a constant speed, not a good choice. For the time and money involved you would be better off buying one on the bicycle motor kits being sold on ebay.

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