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Posted by: Charles Fansler TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   Troxel Starjet

I have a Troxel Starjet bicycle manufactured apparently by Troxel (Steel Tube company?) in Moscow TN. 26" balloon tires, rear carrier, tank w/horn. VG condition. I would appreciate any information available, also I would like to get the date
of manufacture. The serial number is R672788201
Posted by Charles Fansler
It is a "Starjet", but I have a little more information. It has double headlights, chrome fenders and a "hood" ornament on the fronts fender. I~ll try to get a pic of it and post it after Christmas.

Posted by andrew
1969 harley davidson 250cc sx
Posted by BigMike
Scan through the pictures in the picture database and look
for a similar bike. Then get back to us here.

I searched in the "Stat and Feature Database" under
"Search by Model" but did not find ~Starjet~. Are you
sure it doesn~t say ~Starlet~?
Posted by charlie
Ok, so I have new information, Troxel did not make the bike, they made the seat -- I guess the only ID on the bike is the serial number, R672788201 -- "Custom Cruiser" and "Starjet". The bike is red with white pinstriping. On each side of the fork at the top is a white decal with the name Starjet.(the bike seat had the Troxel name on a metal ID tag rivited to the rear of the seat)

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