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Posted by: Joe Mathews TITLE: MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Cyclone 
I have had such a horrible time with Cyclone trying to get a MSO (Manufacture Statement of Orgin) in the state I live in it is required to register with DOT and for the past 3 1/2 months I have been given the run around. Can anyone advise me what I can do?
Posted by Rif
Running a list of state vehicle codes may not be a bad idea...
With the increased popularity of Moto-bikes recently, I think we may see more and more of the confusion. I carry the R.C.W.~s pertaining to Moto-bikes and bicycles with me when I ride. Just in case.
Posted by JimW.
Different states have different regulations. As far as I know, in most states, registration is not called for in the case of motorized bikes. State vehicle codes generally spell out the performance limits of motos and mopeds. To find out the regulations for your state, run a web search using the terms (name of your state) and moped. You~ll find the applicable info. No matter how loose or tight individual
state~s codes are about motorized bicycles, if you get clocked doing 50, you~d better be prepared to produce motorcycle registration and insurance papers. If it~s that
fast, it~s not considered to be a moped.

Keep in mind that this may be the first time that this particular company has been asked about an MSO form. I~ve
never heard of it, myself, and I~ve been around the block a few times. When I~m asked about paperwork I~ve never heard of, I tend to forget about it, too.

Maybe BikeRod&Kustom should run a list of the various state~s vehicle codes as they apply to motorized bikes?

While on the subject, BR&K is pleased to announce the addition of a Moto Editor to our Editorial Board. Let~s have a big hand for- Rif Addams. Give it up for the Moto-Meister, everybody! (applause).

Posted by Rif Addams
The state I live has the same requirements as well. Acording to the R.C.W. it is a moped in the eyes of the law. Therefore it is to be licensed and registered. Although there is much confusion when it comes to the add on two stroke power kits. So far I haven~t had to register and license my moto-bikes.
So far... I think the day is coming soon.
As a matter of fact, I have found the police around here stop me so they can look at it and ask questions about what it is and how it~s put together. Basically, they just want to check it out.
This problem you are having is something I had wondered about, if you could please keep us posted on this it would be appreciated.

A while back we had a discusion sort of related to this. The lack of customer support and service from the manufacturers of the higher end Whizzer type moto-bikes. It~s really a shame.

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