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Posted by: Sharon Nealeigh TITLE: REPRODUCTIONS:   Need values for 3 reproduction bicycles
I am trying to value three reproduction bicycles: A Schwinn Black Phantom 7-speed reproduction (black and red); a Columbia modern reproduction of a Five Star Superb bicycle (green and white); and a modern reproduction of a Western Flyer bicycle (red and black, gold trimmings). Does anyone know where I can get some information with regard to retail replacement value on these bicycles? I~m "spinning my wheels" trying to find the right websites or sources of this information.

Posted by Andrew Pattle
Your description souds like a Berini. Made in the Netherlands by Pluvier and, although they look nothing like each other, closely related to the Cyclemaster. Its a 32cc motor. It should clamp to the front forks of a bicycle. I can probably fine a diagram of how it fits if you need it. Send me an e-mail if you do - I~m don~t visit here often!
Posted by Jim Divoky
http://www.ebay.com has become the price book on collectible prices.

Schwinn Black Phantom 7-speed reproduction
Available at http://www.memorylane-classics.com for $1700
Three sold on Ebay recently for $946, 999, & 1425. All by the same seller, 13Mark. %517 seems low but I do recall a sub-$100o dealer price on them as year or so ago.

Columbia modern reproduction of a Five Star Superb bicycle
I purchased one new in the box on Ebay 1.5 years ago for $500

reproduction of a Western Flyer bicycle
Rideable Replicas at http://www.hiwheel.com had up to a year ago for $350-400. They have since sold out.

Jim Divoky

Posted by tom
dear sharon, the western flyer is $895.00 retail(just bought one 3 days ago $450.00) the phantom is $519.00(just priced one last month at local schwinn dealer) hope this helps, tom.
Posted by Simon
My brother just gave me a small English clip on Bicycle motor. It has an egg shaped petrol tank and drives the front wheel (I an fairly confident of this) directly from the crank shaft which has an abrasive finish. It simply drops onto the wheel and drives it. I assume that it works on the same principle as a golf cart in that when you throttle off the motor simply stops. The Amal carb has no idle jet which tends to support this theory. There is sadly no identification on it apart from the Wico-pacy mag and Amal carburator, which is why I assume its English. I have looked on other Moped sites and have only confirmed that it isn~t a Trojan Mini-Motor or a Power-Pack. If anyone can help me with identification and or the precise method of attachment I would be very pleased. I have plans of attaching it to my 1957 Hercules 28" bike and then watch out New Zealand!
Simon Dew

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