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Posted by: Mike Schneider TITLE: MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   TAS Spitz, Sears Free Sprit, Aqua Bug Bike Motors Repair Manual, Parts Lists, 
Have collected the owners manual, part lists and shop repair manuals for the TAS Spitz, Sears Free Spirit, Aqua Bike Bug. Full library on original literature published on these fun little engines.

Plus have a method of making the drive hub for less than $2.00 that propel your bike faster, have your engine work less and last longer than the original Tanaka drive hub.

Will reproduce literature and mail in US for $20.00. Send check to:

Mike Schneider
1307 Country Place Circle
Houston, Texas 77079
Posted by ronnie brimmer
hi i recently picked up a free spirit and might be missing the cylender the people i got it from says they have it but i have yet to see it. do you have one available? if so please e-mail me. i had a aqua bike bug a couple of years ago and i let a friend of mine talk me out of it and i have regretted it ever since. i also need your literature on it and the front drive wheel. i would like to do it all at once so can you let me know about the parts?

p.s. i also need a set of rings thank you ronnie brimmer
Posted by Rif Addams
Great! I~ll be in touch...
Have you figured out how to manufacture a drive roller capable of wet condition use?
The Machine shop at the Technical College I attend is working on some drive rollers for me at the moment...
Faster, less engine stress, and longevity...?! I would love to talk more with you about this...

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