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Posted by: Sherri TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   1973 Orline Chicken Power Bicycle Motor
I would like to find out the value of my 1973 Bicycle motor. It is green and it says "I~ve got Chicken Power" on the side with a picture of a chicken riding a bicycle. It also says "Orline" on it and O & R Engines, Inc. Please send me any information at all. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you!
Posted by SAUL SKLAR

If the motor is in good working condition it has a value of between $50.00 to $100.00.

I have been looking to buy several of these to for their parts, to re construct a good working unit.

One of our businesses is a machine shop. We can mill parts from bar, but the cost is something the average person would underwrite.
Posted by JimW.
We may have a case of serendipity going on here. A couple of months ago, lower-down in this list, a guy named Saul
was looking for a ChickenPower motor in good shape. E-mail
him at: see if he~s still looking.
Posted by JimW.
The Chicken Power bike motor was built by Ohlson and Rice, a maker of model aircraft engines. It is, basically, a large model aircraft engine with bicycle mounts added. They are not particularly valuable in a collectible sense, as compared to a Whizzer motor. A really nice, clean, well-running example might bring a hundred bucks, but probably less, from someone who was looking for something like that. I~m not sure if they are still being made, or not. Generally, if it~s still being made, it~s more desirable for people who want a functional bike motor, due to continued parts availability.

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