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Posted by: Mike TITLE: MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   Rif - Excellent Job
Thyanks for being of service on these caculations.

Have repainted the TAS Spitzs - Scanned decals and printed on sticker paper - They look sweet.

Thanks again for the help.

Brothers in the Wind

Posted by Rif
Thanks Mike.
I just tested these calculations against a known.
My bike bug was mounted on a ~66 Schwinn Typhoon Deluxe. With me riding (I weigh in at 120 Lbs.), a full tank of fuel, on the flat with no headwind. I achieved 20 M.P.H. consistently, I was clocked by a co-worker in his newer model truck.
I ran the calculations using the spec.s from the Bike-Bug owners manual. I used a flat 26" for the driven (the front wheel of my Schwinn.
According to the formula I posted, I came up with 25 M.P.H. Only 5 M.P.H. off! Not bad for not using any variables in the formula.
Like I said, this is just to help get you in the neighborhood when gearing your moto-bike.

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