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Posted by: ChristopherRobin2_atsign_starmail.com TITLE: AGE / VALUE:   Flying bicycle, did it work or not?
This article I have mentions that this professor~s flying bicycle project was discontinued for lack of funds.
Lack of funds? I don~t believe that.

It was supposed to fly at 60 feet for a 30 mile radius. Now next thing he~s transferred to another project,
Worked on re- entry problems for space vehicles!
Space vehicles for Gods sake!
Hoo- boy. I got dizzy!
I think the flying bicycle was real, real enough that somebody took notice and gave this fellow some "Real work to do"
Discontinued? No, I think not.

If he was a crackpot, idiot, nitwit and the flying bicycle was a failure then why promote him to important work.
This was 40 years ago too.
So come on here, the flying bicycle has been done already. Think of it as somebody~s mid term project that got him or her sent on to better projects. Or was the newspaper writer smoking something and pulling my leg.
Then why write it and in something trade related and respectable? Now if I find him and ask about it. he~ll say "Now I can~t talk to you about that!" and even if he didn~t say that and let you in on it, you likely would wish to heaven you never met the man nor seen what is covered up in the barn shed.
imaginary scene:
Roger that, 10 4 we have a flying bicycle, 10 4 over!
requesting assistance, over. I~m shaking them off me (trying to) yelling, What?? I got this in a garage sale!

What happened to this man and the prototype bike/ plane I~ll never know and it~s probably better this way.
But, If I do manage to come up with something like this I hope I get to work on important things like he did!

Better to say that it crashed, the fellow was weird and crazy and whatever you do, Don~t tell me he went on to work on something important sounding like space work. IT sounds too legitimate when they say that.

Article say~s "A Frenchman" anyways! So who will know!
Posted by sam
Sept.1931-Glide-O-Bike Company Lock Box 266,Dallas Tex. Friends here is my 25cents.please rush my Glide-o-Bike Plans along with air terms and airport instructions.

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