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Does anybody have a manual for these things? How do I find out what year and model my bike bug is? Can I still get a roller for it? What about a kill button and spring? Gas cap? Fuel to oil ratio? I~ve always used 24 to 1. too thick? please help
Posted by Mike Schneider

I have been collecting, copying and mailing the information below:

I do ask fo $20.00 to cover, postage, copying & handling.
You will get your money~s worth or send it back.

Drive roller - Better than new for less tahn a buck.
Gas tank cap less than $5.00. Tanaka asks $14.95 plus shipping.

Lots of parts and ideas from owners just like yui who enjoy their Bike Bugs.

Information on the TAS Spitz, Sear~s Free Spirit Aqua Bug Bike Bug Bicycle Engine.
Japanese manufactured to the mid-80s. Marketed under three different names: TAS Spitz, AquaBug Bike Bug, Sears Free Spirit. Two-cycle 28cc front fork mounted bicycle engine - 20 mph, 200 mpg.
Sears has one on display in the Sears Tower in Chicago - front door and center entrance.
I have rebuilt six of these engines. They are wonderfully delightful little engines to bike. I remember seeing them advertised in Popular Science Magazine at 12 years old - 40 years ago.
The manufacturer does have some parts available - however, not all. I have substituted several parts form hardware stores, lawn mower shops and motorcycle shops. I have also generated some better than original parts. In my rebuilding I have networked with several owners and have collected a very complete library of information on these engines plus first hand knowledge on repair.
Original Owners Manuals
Shop Repair Manuals
Part Lists
Technical Diagrams
Sources of Parts and Replacement and Original
List of Owners
I would sincerely appreciate your listing this information so it can be of benefit to other "Spitzers, Bike Buggers and Free Spiriters".

Mike Schneider
1307 Country Place Circle
Houston, Texas 77079


Posted by JimW.
Mike Schneider is our Tanaka maven here. He has made reprints of all that sort of thing available. He~s around here a lot. Check lower down on this list, and you~ll find at least one of his posts on the subject.

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