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Posted by: Larry Juker TITLE: MOTORIZED BICYCLES:   need parts for motor
I have a bicycle motor white front mount Tas on gas tank(round,left side) made Tanaka Togyo Co. Ltd. Japan that is all I know. Need parts list specificaly for now new drive wheel over the front of the front tire. It is direct drive gear shaft even to start single bolt on about 1 3/4 in. to 2 in. dia. drive wheel aluminum tooth to volcanized rubber can anyone help please. Thank you Larry
Posted by Rif
Mike you truly are one in a million! Keep up the great work on keeping these little motors alive!
Take care,
Posted by Mike Schneider
Got your message. Congradulations these little engines are a HOOT.

If you have compression and spark the rest of getting the engine to run is pretty simple.

I will help anyway I can with you getting your engine running. A picture or two of it would be helpul to me in helping you.

You said you needed a drive hub. Do you have the aluminmin drive hub and are missing the rubber outside or do you need the entire hub?

Another question - some of the engines have a primer bulb on top of the gas tank - Do you have one -? I have developed a part to rebuilt these if you need one. The manufactuer does not have any of these left.

I can help with both but if you have the aluminmin hub it is alot less expensive.

I have a package of literature on these engines that will save you a lot of time and money on repairing the engine. It contains the owner~s manual, shop repair manual, parts lists, technical diagrams, articles written about the engines, soucres of parts, manufacturers address, hints on repairs, better than new parts and repair hints, etc.... It has been collected from 3 years of correspondebnce and research on these engines. I have rebuilt eight and help about twenty people like you get theirs up and running.

I copy and mail the literature for $25.00. I sure would recommend you not take the engine aprat until you have this information. A lot of little parts taht break or can be lost without benefit of the literature.

The manufactuer has some parts but they are pricey. The drove hub for instance - new about $40.00. I can show you a way to make one for $1.00 that will last longer, ride your bike faster and cause less wear on your engine.

If you want the pacakge sent me a check to:

Mike Schneider
1307 Country Place Circle
Houston, Texas 77079

281 531 6552 Home
713 463 2317 Office
713 859 5999 Cell

Welcome to the TAS Spitzers. Hope we get the Wind in Your Face soon.

BITW (Brothers in The Wind)


Posted by sam
go down 4 post under "need roller for bike bug" Rif answered this same question.

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